Your local regulatory authority may mandate that all owners of aerobic septic systems maintain a valid maintenance provider agreement at all times. They require these systems to be inspected by a licensed maintenance provider, as well as reports sent to county authorities after inspections, and all repairs completed in a timely manner.

Texas Star Aerobic provides maintenance provider agreements for both residential and commercial units. We manage the inspection and testing of your system as mandated by your local agency. Our service technicians carry a complete inventory so that work on the system is typically completed without having to return a second time.


We will spend time with homeowners to educate the "do's" and "don'ts" for using their aerobic septic system. We believe that educating the customer about their aerobic septic system is the best maintenance plan a homeowner can have.

Maintenance Provider Agreement

To help ease the pain of having to maintain these systems with one large annual payment, we have 3 plans to choose from, each offering monthly payment options.

Plan Details Essential Pro
Overall system inspection (3 times a yr)
Cost per Year $225.00 $535.00
Initial down payment for monthly payment option N/A $155.00
Cost per month N/A $40 / 11mo
Service Call Cost per visit $75.00 $75.00
Response time 48 business hours 24-48 business hours
State/County Maintenance Requirement Check
Air Compressor filter cleaned
Irrigation pump filter cleaned
Sprinkler heads cleaned/adj.
Complete chlorine/chemical maintenance provided by our technicians
**Sprinkler heads replaced
**Repair or replacement of all mechanical parts at no cost (exclusions apply)
**Sludge and trash removal from tanks (pump out) (exclusions apply)

NOTE: If choosing monthly payments, these are by credit/debit card only and are automatically billed each month to credit card on file. Payments are deducted monthly on the same date each month.

*If selecting the Essential plan, you will be changed $30 for the first 4 months of your annual contract beginning the second month your contract began. E.g. your contract began in January, we will deduct $30 charge in Feb, Mar, April and May.

**All components will NOT be replaced due to pre-existing conditions, accidental damages, abuse, misuse, improper usage, floods, wind, tornadoes, snow, ice, drought, lightning, overloads, unauthorized entry, ants, fire, rodents, unauthorized repairs, theft, or anything that is not considered normal operation of the system. Aerobic systems larger than a 600 gallon per day may have an upcharge

Real Estate Inspections

Real estate inspections require the proper Installer OSSF II license, meaning they have the experience and training to conduct septic inspections for buyers, sellers and realtors. Our goal is to provide information and a professional opinion regarding the systems operation and performance. This service cost is based upon area. Call today to schedule an inspection.


We strive to be a GREEN company by utilizing the latest in technology to communicate with our customers. We offer paperless invoicing, electronic copies of inspections, service reports, contracts, communications, etc. We recognize many customers still prefer that paper invoice, and we are certainly happy to accommodate that option as well.

Referral Program

If you currently have a maintenance contract with us, you are eligible to earn up to $20.00 off your next renewal fee for a qualified referral that result in a new maintenance contract with us. There's no limit to this offer, so feel free to refer as many people as you like! Here's how it works:

  • Sign up a new customer with us on the Essential Plan and earn $10 off your next renewal contract with us.
  • Sign up a new customer with us on the Pro Plan and earn $15 off your next renewal contract with us.